Amsterdam / Rhenen / Rotterdam, 26 June 2019

Nuts Groep B.V. (Nuts Groep, Dutch for ‘Utility Group’) acquires mobile telecom provider Robin Mobile Holding B.V. (Robin Mobile) from investment firm Ramphastos Investments (Ramphastos) and Wilfred Rottier, founder and CEO of Robin Mobile. The acquisition is in line with Nuts Groep’s strategy to broaden its product- and service portfolio. Financial details have not been disclosed.

Robin Mobile was founded in 2013 and gained fame by being the first SIM-only provider introducing an ‘unlimited’ offer, whereby customers get an unlimited number of minutes, texts and data for a fixed monthly sum. Robin Mobile has grown fast over the past years, also thanks to the participation of Ramphastos in 2014, the investment firm of the well known Dutch entrepreneurial investor Marcel Boekhoorn.

Over the course of 10 years, Nuts Groep has become the fourth energy supplier of the Netherlands. The company serves about 800,000 customers throughout the Benelux by way of its brands ‘Budget Energie’, ‘NLE’, and Belgian ‘Elegant’. Nuts Groep started out as an energy supplier (electricity and gas), but has become a provider of TV, internet and fixed telecom services as well. Thanks to the acquisition of Robin Mobile, mobile telecom will be added to the portfolio of the company.

Wilfred Rottier, founder and CEO of Robin Mobile: “Robin Mobile and Nuts Groep share the same DNA. I am positive this acquisition is a very good development for both customers and staff of Robin Mobile. As a result of the planned expansion of services, Robin Mobile will be able to even better serve its customers as a part of Nuts Groep.”

According to Philip van Wijngaarden, closely involved in Robin Mobile as a partner of Ramphastos, the sale is concluded at the right time: “When we had the possibility to participate in Robin Mobile in 2014, we saw great opportunities. Ramphastos has considerable expertise in the telecom market, also thanks to its participation in Telfort. In addition, we immediately felt attracted by the uniquely smart market approach of Robin Mobile. I am delighted we have been able to bring the company to a new phase; the sale to Nuts Groep is a logical next step for the company and a positive one for all involved.”

Caroline Princen, CEO of Nuts Groep: “The acquisition of Robin Mobile is in line with our strategy to further broaden our services, whereby a competitive pricing and a no-nonsense approach are important ingredients. Robin Mobile fits this description perfectly, so it is a great option for us to be able to offer our customers an even better and broader package of services.”

The acquisition by Nuts Groep will for the time being not entail any noticeable changes for Robin Mobile customers and employees.

About Nuts Groep

Nuts Groep (Dutch for ‘Utility Group’) supplies utilities services, such as energy and telecom, at low prices and without any hassle. This requires upscaling. That is why the Groep strives for – besides organic growth – consolidation in the Benelux. Under the labels ‘Budget Energie’ (www.budgetenergie.nl) and ‘NLE’ (www.nle.nl), Nuts Groep currently has about 700,000 customers in the Netherlands, and more than 100,000 customers in Belgium under the label ‘Elegant’ (www.elegant.be). The company generated a turnover of approximately EUR 700 million in 2018. Waterland Private Equity Investments supports Nuts Groep as an investor with the implementation of this growth strategy.

Also see: www.nutsgroep.nl/en/

About Robin Mobile

Robin Mobile is the first SIM-only mobile provider offering ‘unlimited’ subscriptions since 2013. These subscriptions give consumers the freedom to consume an unlimited number of minutes, texts and data within the monthly subscription for a fixed price. The offer of Robin Mobile is clear and simple, without any complicated choices for the right plan or subscription.

Also see: www.robinmobile.nl