Investment Focus

At Ramphastos, we acquire majority interests in companies preferably in partnership with their management teams. The firm currently holds a diversified portfolio which includes companies at different life cycle stages such as start-ups, early-stage companies, medium-sized companies with high growth potential and mature companies with a long-standing record.

Besides being successful in many private equity deals, we have also also realized a strong track record in venture capital. That is, the successful development of greenfield businesses and young-companies. Our strong investment track record holds double digit MMs and triple digit IRRs.

Portfolio companies share four important criteria:

I. Unique competitive position

Market leadership based on unique technology, unparalleled product features, patents, brands or cost efficiency.

II. Strong growth potential

Through continuous innovation, buy-and-build strategy, organic growth or geographic expansion.

III. Strong underlying trends

Leveraging on underlying trends e.g. growth in online transactions, need for enhanced security solutions, increased mobility, acceleration in wireless applications, etc.

IV. Majority stake

Acquire controlling interests in companies preferably in partnership with management.

We are predominantly active in multiple regions in Europe: The Netherlands, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Malta.

Our Portfolio