Our Inspiration

Unconventional beauty

Companies that achieve breakthrough growth and deliver consistent, best-of-class value over time are a rare breed.

Cultivating such unconventional beauties is our inspiration and the core of all we do.

Nothing is more fulfilling for a business than achieving strong topline growth. When a company’s growth is achieved on the revenue side of the equation, everyone thrives: from the enterprise to the marketplace to employees and investors. This kind of growth brings upsides and value to everyone. And in those exceptional cases that a start-up achieves exponential topline growth or that a mature enterprise delivers consistently outsized revenue over time, the value created pays itself forward in equally exceptional measure.

Such rarities are a beautiful thing. For us, they’re symbolized by the toucan, a bird whose beauty expresses the kind of value we aim to deliver to all stakeholders and whose unconventional colors and shape represent the boldness and status quo-challenging creativity that we will bring to bear to catalyze outsized growth. Our hearts beat faster at the thought of discovering, growing and cultivating such truly unique, best-of-breed beauties. That is why we have named our firm after the world’s largest and uncommonly beautiful family of toucans: Ramphastos.