How We Work

We are...

Right beside you, setting you up for success

Trust is an essential component in any strong relationship, and it will be the cornerstone of our collaboration with you. Building from an alignment on ambition and goals, we will be an open and honest partner, and we will work to earn your trust every day by delivering on our promise of top-quality strategic guidance and executional support. We will work side-by-side with you to shape strategy, but we won’t stop there. We are about more than strategy. We are hands-on entrepreneurs, whom you can count on to be at your side – if and as needed – with tactical counsel, talent, tools and innovations you to deliver on strategy and realize exceptional results.

Experienced and inspired

As Builders of businesses of all sizes and in all phases in their evolution, our team of partners and associates has first-hand experience with just about anything you can encounter as an entrepreneur or business leader. We have successfully built and sold start-ups, launched IPOs and completed de-listings. We have helped businesses achieve out sized returns through buy-and-build strategies, new channel strategies, CRM system implementation, license agreement negotiation, IT system implementation, leadership team expansion, internationalization, new pricing strategies – and the list goes on. We have the talent, inspiration, expertise and tools in-house and can provide access to even more through our network. All with the aim of maximizing quality, speed, efficiency and growth as you deliver on strategy.

Focused on your top line growth

While we will give you best-in-class expertise and tools to maximize your operation’s efficiency, our core focus and the part of business building that gives us energy is growing your company’s revenue. We thrive on helping companies achieve and sustain breakthrough growth – the kind that adds value to the company, employees and the markets you serve. That is where we will focus our efforts.

In it for the long run

As independent investors, we are not beholden to predetermined exit deadlines. We have the freedom to take the time that we need to reach our collective goals. Value creation can sometimes be achieved in a flash, but more often it takes time. Make no mistake: we will match your own eagerness and energy for growth, but we will do so knowing that our capital is patient. We’re all about maximizing value. Doing what it takes – positively, forward-focused and solutions-minded and always with our eye on opportunities – as long as it takes.

Independent, unconventional, flexible and fast

The capital we invest is our own, and we cherish the independence that gives us. In today’ fast-changing marketplace, that give us – and you – the nimbleness the freedom to follow our entrepreneurial instincts and vision, challenge the status quo and adapt, often more quickly than the rest. We also have the financial independence and flexibility to take on complex transactions and special situations, and we are open to and welcome such opportunities.