Marcel Boehoorn interviewed in CEO today about deal-making

In October 2018, Ramphastos announced its largest deal to date: the acquisition of the Dutch-based retail chain HEMA. HEMA was founded in 1926 and currently has an annual turnover of €1.8 billion with more than 750 stores distributed throughout 9 countries on 2 continents, employing approximately 19,000 people. The acquisition is widely recognised as the most important deal of its kind within the Netherlands this year, and has been praised by the financial press, analysts and the general public.

Boekhoorn was able to negotiate a complex financial agreement with Lion Capital, the London-based private equity firm that bought HEMA in 2007. Furthermore, he was also able to make new arrangements with HEMA’s 96 franchisees regarding long-standing legal disputes between the franchisees and the HEMA management on e-commerce and other matters. Driven by his vision for HEMA’s future, Marcel Boekhoorn has united and inspired the disputing parties to work as a team on crucial matters such as online growth, international expansion, the reduction of HEMA’s debt and the improvement of its profitability.

CEO Today had the opportunity to speak to Marcel Boekhoorn and get an insider perspective on the exemplary story of Ramphastos Investments, Boekhoorn’s deal negotiation tactics and his plans for the near future.

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