Special Achievement Award ‘Best Entrepreneur’

Amsterdam, 14 December 2018

Marcel Boekhoorn receives Special Achievement Award ‘Best Entrepreneur’

On the occasion of the 19th edition of the M&A Awards on 13 December 2018, Marcel Boekhoorn received the Special Achievement Award for ‘Best Entrepreneur’. The M&A Awards are granted annually to persons and organizations active in  M&A, corporate finance, and private equity. The Special Achievement Award is granted every couple of years, in recognition of a sensational deal.

Organizer Alex van Groningen: “Special take-overs, that’s Marcel Boekhoorn in a nutshell. The title of ‘Best Entrepreneur’ awarded to him, a prize which is attributed every few years to a special dealmaker, in 2018 could not be attributed to anyone but this exceptional businessman in the field of M&A because of his his daring acquisition of HEMA.” Sander Griffejoen, managing director of Rothschild and involved in the acquisition of HEMA on behalf of Ramphastos Investments, said during the ceremony: “Boekhoorn has a keen eye for quality and chooses the company of the right people. He shares his success with others, relies on gut feeling, is creative and energetic. His unique combination of strong intuitions and an excellent grasp of people also characterises him. In addition, he has remained true to himself.”

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