Jan Willem Neggers appointed CEO of Ramphastos Investments

Founder Marcel Boekhoorn remains actively involved in Dutch investment company as a major shareholder

Rhenen / Amsterdam, 12 April 2023 – Investor and entrepreneur Marcel Boekhoorn has announced he is stepping down as CEO of Ramphastos Investments. Boekhoorn has appointed Jan Willem Neggers, a partner at the investment company since 2011, as his successor. Marcel Boekhoorn will transfer the day-to-day management to Neggers but remains actively involved in Ramphastos as founder and major shareholder.

In nearly three decades, Marcel Boekhoorn (63) built Ramphastos Investments into one of the most successful and leading investment companies in the Netherlands. He now announces he is stepping down from day-to-day management of the company. Boekhoorn: “Jan Willem and I have worked closely together for more than 20 years. He has tremendous energy and understands like no other that one of the main reasons for our success is that, as entrepreneurial investors, we always see opportunities for growth in our investments. I’m sure he will be able to find the right balance between continuity and sailing his own course.”

Jan Willem Neggers (51) studied law in Maastricht and Cambridge and worked, among others, with Arthur Andersen. Neggers has been a partner at Ramphastos Investments since 2011, where he was responsible for real estate investments, including the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, which was sold in 2021. Until becoming CEO of Ramphastos, he was still working for the HTCE. He was also involved in many other investments, both in real estate and other projects such as the window frame manufacturer VHZ Group which was sold in 2021.

Neggers: “I have worked with Marcel and my colleagues at Ramphastos on numerous great projects over the past years with tremendous pleasure and enthusiasm. What our investments have in common is that we approach a company primarily as entrepreneurs, always looking at the best way to make them stronger and how to take them to the next phase. I am delighted and honoured that Marcel has asked me personally to take Ramphastos to the next phase as CEO.”

“I look forward to working even more closely with the fantastic team at Ramphastos,” Neggers continues, “we live in an exciting time with great challenges, but above all great opportunities. Think of the energy transition, developments in high-tech, the world of patents or real estate. There are huge opportunities there, and I can’t wait to start exploiting them.”