Funanga AG was founded in 2013 by a team of payment industry professionals to revolutionize cash payments and collections for e-commerce. Funanga’s CashtoCode payment API service is focused on speed and simplicity for both online merchants and their customers. Funanga employs an international team in various locations around Europe with offices in 3 major European markets.

Its main product, CashtoCode, connects online merchants with real-world retail locations, for one simple purpose – to enable cash payments for everyone. CashtoCode allows online merchants to issue their own cash barcodes that customers take to any of the 100,000 retail locations to make a cash payment for their online purchase. All in real-time, all indemnified, all 100% automated. POS networks become the checkout and payment partners for online merchants. Online merchants tap into new customer segments by adding the safe, convenient and popular cash payment method to their payments mix.

Investment date: 2016