Sim Industries

Sim Industries

Sim-Industries nurtures its talent for innovation. Sim-Industries translates this talent into the new standard for commercial airline Full Flight Simulator design. The smart integration of the most advanced, specialized quality components from worlds leading manufacturers and its no-nonsense approach to engineering has made Sim-Industries the trendsetter in every area crucial to the highest standard in airline Flight Simulator pilot training. Sim-Industries commercial airline Full Flight Simulators deliver unsurpassed high Fidelity, realism, user friendliness, safety, cost effectiveness, reliability and performance at a competitive price.

Sim-Industries understands and serves the needs of all airlines, aircraft manufacturers and independent training centres worldwide. Sim-Industries offers Flight Simulators for a wide range of commercial aircraft. Sim-Industries Flight Simulators meet or exceed international standards of certification and are delivered standard with Level D Certification. No matter how unique the customer's requirements are, Sim-Industries will deliver tailor-made Full Flight Simulators to fulfill the most demanding training needs.


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