In a world where we will have 5 billion internet users in few years and given the exponential development of ‘mobile', antennas are absolutely essential for the continued development and deployment of wireless connections and grids. Trying to get ‘everybody' and ‘everything' connected, we are confronted with huge challenges for which Antenna Company can offer the solution.

Antenna Company develops, designs and produces supershaped, 3D-optimized antennas, providing for new, exciting possibilities in RF-World. Antenna Company is the exclusive implementer of antennas based on Gielis-formula (Super-formula) ®. This gives its antennas some unparalleled features and characteristics, not found with any other antenna-producer. MIMO and MU-MIMO capabilities, Multi-User capacity, Beam-forming networks, Track-tracing ability and Active nulling are just some of the Smart-Antenna features it provides standard, out-of-the-box. All its OEM and custom antennas are modeled through a proprietary AC-Simulation Toolbox and tailored according to the OEM-needs.

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  • Gijs Rooijens
  • Philip van Wijngaarden

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