"It all starts with the right management. Good management can make a mediocre business excellent. With the wrong management even the best business plan means nothing. And apart from that I want my team to add something to the existing business. We don't participate if we cannot add value."

Marcel Boekhoorn, De Pers, 29 May 2008


Selected portfolio companies

Ramphastos Investments hold interests in over 30 companies. The following is a short selection of current investments.

  • Mazarine Energy

    Mazarine Energy is a Netherlands based subsurface driven oil & gas E&P company focused on early-stage exploration and field development. Mazarine Energy works with reliable, well financed and …

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  • High Tech Campus Eindhoven

    In 1998 Philips established the High Tech Campus for all its national R&D activities. In 2003 the Campus was opened up to other technological companies. The result was massive growth. Since the …

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  • VoiceTrust

    VoiceTrust is a leading provider of voice biometrics solutions that help prevent fraud, authenticate financial transactions, eliminate identity theft, and secure access to business applications. …

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  • Novum Bank

    Novum Bank is committed to providing transparent and simple Cards and Stored Value solutions to the new generation in Europe. Novum Bank holds a full banking license (incl. eMoney License) …

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